Photo booth rentals are a new standard at weddings, but how do you get on at your party? Who pays? How does it work?

1. We work for one client. That person is usually the party planner, Bride and Groom, etc.

2. The client pays one price for the event. Our prices are based on the type of event, and the length of time you want the booth to be operable.

3. We set up our enclosed booth, set out props, and are ready to have your guests enter the booth.

4. Your guests pick their props, and enter the booth. The screen inside gives instructions, then the pictures are taken. The booth can accept up to 8 people!

5. Their photo strips are ready approx 15- 20 seconds after leaving the booth. Every member of the party in the pictures gets a copy of the photo strip. We also burn a copy of every strip to a CD-ROM that we had our client at  the end of the event.

6. Your guests can enter the photo booths as often as they want during the booked time. Every rental includes unlimited photo sessions!